For each Republikan the ultimate value is the freedom, because Freedom delivers idea! We believe in leadership, but not in creative absolutism. To be a citizen of Republika means to have the right to freely create new things, the freedom to explore, to state your attitude and your idea, but also the freedom to oppose. There are no big or new ideas if there’s no free spirit. Only democracy always brings the truth, and we come up to the creative solutions through battle of opinions. The solutions that has passed through many different minds, faced with plenty arguments and certain facts are the truly successful ones.

The biggest right of each Republikan is the right to ask questions. That’s essential in our quest for the right solution for the client. If we don’t turn backwards the problem so everything that he has in his pockets falls down, it can’t be solved. Hence our approach toward the clients is always clear and unambiguous: we don’t claim that we have all the answers, we claim that we have all the questions! Our way of approaching is to help the client discover his own most powerful features that should be communicated, and afterward it’s our duty to give him the most effective form(ula). That is why we don’t look for people who have all the answers, but all the questions. To be inquiring, always to question the things and to be with a restless spirit, that’s what is making us always fresh and constantly different.